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Looking for an opportunity? We have plenty to offer those who are ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated. It is a great time to be in real estate again.

We work with small, medium, and large scale businesses to assist them in tenant representation in Dallas. Contact us to start your next chapter.



Corporate Offices

We specialize in commercial real estate sales in Dallas/Fort Worth. From the disposition of a portfolio of properties to the sale of a single parcel of land, we will connect you with potential buyers.


The Vanguard Commercial Group will save you time and money while making the task of relocating your office space, renegotiating your existing lease, buying, or building smoother, simpler and less disruptive to your ongoing business. We will analyze your needs and spearhead the entire process from market research, negotiation, construction, and move-in - providing you with critical information and alternatives enabling you to make the optimal real estate decisions.

Where you are headquartered states a lot about your business. Are you making the right statement about your company?​

Invest in Your Future

As a commercial real estate broker, we know that business is done through partnerships. We are always looking for complementary services to offer our clients.

If you are looking for a great area to expand your portfolio, commercial real estate deserves some serious consideration. Find out more about the opportunities we offer. More...